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Together with massive backbone capacity reserves, our BGP knowledge and experience enables cost-effective connection in the dynamic and unpredictable Internet traffic environment.

BGP Routing

BGP Routing refers to different methods of message transmission.

The use of BGP routing is used, among other things, to optimize load distribution and to shorten access times by reducing latency. We would be happy to advise you on which BGP routing model is best suited for your project and implement it.

Available methods

  • BGP Unicast (addressing to a single recipient)
  • BGP Multicast (message transmission from one point to a group)
  • BGP Broadcast (from one point to all participants of a network)
  • BGP Geocast (message transmission to a spatially delimited area)
  • BGP Anycast (message transmission to a recipient from a group that can be reached via the shortest route)